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Neurolucida 360 Full Cracked

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Neurolucida 360 Full Cracked

Neurolucida 360 Full Cracked by Ma-x group Software
The Leading Software for Automatic 3D Neuron Reconstruction and Quantitative Analysis

Neurolucida 360 is the premier tool used by neuroscientists to quickly and accurately reconstruct intricate neuronal structures that range in scale from complex, multicellular networks of neurons to sub-cellular dendritic spines, varicosities and putative synapses.With the sophistication to analyze specific neuronal structures such as axons, basal dendrites, apical dendrites, and axon-carrying dendrites, you can completely reconstruct and analyze any neuron in any species.Machine learning and the most advanced image detection algorithms allow you to confidently reconstruct cells using a variety of labeling and microscopy techniques.Engineered to work efficiently with even the largest 3D datasets using precognitive image handling intelligence.

Whether you are interested in analyzing individual neurons or the interactions of neurons, see why Neurolucida 360 far surpasses all other software for automatic neuron reconstruction!

Move at the Speed of Neuroscience with the Latest Version of Neurolucida 360

We’ve re-engineered image and data handling within MBF Bioscience software solutions from the ground up to maximize your computer hardware investment. No matter the image data size, from lightsheet microscopes, confocal microscopes, or slide scanners, you are now able to work efficiently, without delay.
Introduction to: Neurolucida 360
MBF Bioscience’s Data Web Viewer

Explore a variety of data that demonstrates the models you can create using MBF Bioscience image analysis software (e.g. Neurolucida 360). Interact with these data files over the web and examine the full resolution, 3D morphological models of generated from microscopy images.

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