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Arivis Vision4D

Your powerful scientific imaging software
arivis Vision4D is your modular software for working with multi-channel 2D, 3D and 4D images of almost unlimited size, highly scalable and independent of local system resources. Many modern microscope systems such as high-speed confocal, light sheet / SPIM, super-resolution, electron microscopy or X-ray instruments can produce huge amounts of imaging data. arivis Vision4D gives you the power to handle your datasets without constraints and get your results in next to no time.

Powerful scientific image analysis approach at your fingertips

Hardware and data-agnostic image analysis software

The ZEISS arivis¬† analysis strategy and iterative approach allow processing and segmentation of a small field of view, a 3D/4D subset, or the entire dataset. Analysis results can be viewed in synchronized split windows in 2D and 3D views simultaneously, which is particularly useful for densely packed structures and tracking experiments. The software’s integrated Machine Learning/Deep Learning functionality (available as local training option or in the ZEISS arivis Cloud) allows for setting up an image segmentation and analysis pipeline with ease and without extensive knowledge of AI analysis methods.

Analyze complex and challenging samples with a few clicks. No matter the source and format of the image, the arivis scientific image analysis platform is designed to easily process and analyze it. Our software tools are highly integrated and can benefit customers in academia, across industries and various applications, including biotech, pharma, life science and material science.

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